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A 75 year old woman who was diagnosed In July 2011 by CT with inoperable locally advanced pancreatic adenocarcinoma with no metastases. She had high levels of serum tumor marker CA-19-9 (1,806 U/ml) and suffered from abdominal pain and weight loss. The patient started treatment in July 2011 with Gem + TL-118, until January 2012.

A significant effect was observed:


  • CT conducted 2 months after diagnosis (08.2011) indicated reduction in the pancreatic lesion
  • CA-19-9 taken 3 months after diagnosis (09. 2011) showed a drop to 60U/ml.
  • Patient free of pains
  • MRI and CT conducted 6 and 7 months after diagnosis, respectively (12. 2011, 01.2012) indicated dramatic decrease in the tumor lesion with almost Complete Response according to RECIST. Tumor lesions were  replaced by mild soft tissue infiltration with dropped CA-19-9  serum levels (50-60U/ml)


The case report was published in Med Oncol. 2013; 30(2):585. doi: 10.1007/s12032-013-0585-9. Epub 2013 Apr 23. TL-118-anti-angiogenic treatment in pancreatic cancer: a case report.

Breuer S, Maimon O, Appelbaum L, Peretz T, Hubert A.

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