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Dr. Rinat Abramovitz - Principal Investigator, Goldyne Savad Institute of Gene Therapy

Dr. Abramovitz's MRI/MRS lab in Hadassah Hebrew University Hospital, Jerusalem, evaluated the anti-angiogenic efficacy of Tiltan's product by assessment of in vivo changes in perfusion to liver metastases. Functional MRI of murine Colon Cancer Liver Metastasis was the model used to assess the changes in perfusion. The results show that Hamsa-1 significantly reduced tumor perfusion in the mouse model of liver metastasis. In addition, the anti-angiogenic effect suppressed the growth of metastases which resulted in a significant prolongation of animal survival.



Hadassah Collage, School of Design and Communication

an image of tiltan pharma's drug combination packageIndustrial design students at The Haddasah School of Design designed a number of smart calendar packs for Tiltan Pharma's product. The most suitable design was chosen. The chosen package allows drawing of a single vial from one end of the package and its return to the other end of the package. The calendar pack is designed to ensure safe use of the product.



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