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Tiltan's drug combination

A Drug Combination

Consists of low-dose, high - frequency alkylating agent with 3 non-cytotoxic agents


Most of the cancer targeted therapies do not work as stand-alone but are administered on top of additional drug/s, mainly chemotherapies

Patient Friendly

Oral, daily, can be taken at home


Taste masking


No need for hospitalization




Mode of Action

Metronomic chemotherapy


Anti-angiogenic multi-faceted therapy


Immuno- modulatory therapy

Superior Clinical Development

Relatively short time to market due to 505B2 regulatory path



4 Approved Drugs Repurposed

All FDA approved drugs with known safety and pharmacokinetic  profiles


In addition to immuno-modulatory known activity the combination  immerged as an anti cancer therapy

Life Cycle Management

Potential for development in a broad spectrum of solid tumors


Potential for combi-nation with other SOC and anti-angiogenic therapies

Global IP Protection

IP covering :

Combination`s composition

Components` relative ratio

Unit-dose formulation (liquid form)

Dose regimen

and scheduling


Lower Cost Production

Generic drug substances, compared to high cost biological approved drugs


Advantage in a compe-titive environment

Will lead to a larger market-share



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