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Tiltan Pharma is an Israeli biopharmaceutical company, established in 2006, that developed a proprietary anti-angiogenic and immune modulatory platform technology, for the treatment of cancer. The platform technology was originally developed by Prof. Shmuel (Muli) Ben Sasson from the Hebrew University.


Tiltan's clinical-stage leading product TL-118, is an oral drug combination with anti-cancer, anti- angiogenic and immune modulatory properties. The novelty of TL-118 is re-purposing of four approved drugs, with known safety profiles, optimized as a combined anti-cancer therapy in a unique regimen (dose and scheduling). The TL-118 regimen consists of low-dose-high-frequency (metronomic) administration of an alkylating agent and 3 non-cytotoxic agents previously approved for human use, for non-oncological indications.


TL-118 was tested in numerous animal tumor models and in over 150 cancer patients. Currently, Tiltan is conducting a randomized, open label phase-IIb clinical trial in metastatic pancreatic cancer under an FDA approved IND. The trial is conducted in Israel and Eastern Europe. The trial is no longer recruiting patients.



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